Fresh-thoughts Friday (…yes I know it’s a Wednesday)

by Emma

Strawberry banana oat smoothie dairy freeEach week I spend a few thousand years scrolling through the web and if you saw the amount of bookmarks I have on my computer you would most likely laugh at me. I probably don’t need the link to the London internship I was going to apply for three years ago or a link to ’50 fun pugs and their friends’ but you just never know… I have have however, recently got a new shiny Macbook Pro (yes I’m terrified every time I pick it up that I’m going to drop it but shh) which means that I have a fresh bookmarks bar!

Now instead of going mad and frantically favourite-ing everything I see like I normally would, I’m going to condense each weeks search results into 5/10 links to share with you guys. Partly to save my sanity and partly to give you some foodie, thoughtful, or funny links each Friday.

So here goes – my favourite links on the web this Friday:

1) 17 things every girl needs to remember at all times by Hannah. It’s blunt, ingeniously true and  fantastic and every girl should read it because it’s just hilarious. Amen to no. 12 – why I think my leggings are still an exception to this rule I really don’t know.

2) When the FAO’s last Livestock report came out in 2006 it caused a big hoo-ha (and rightly so) after finding that farms breeding chickens, pigs, and cows for meat and dairy products, produced a disconcerting 18% of global greenhouse gas emissions (more than the greenhouse gas discharge from planes and cars combined). In the latest study the number was issued at 14.5% but there’s still a long way to go – this article on the subject might be a bit of an oldie, but it’s a really interesting read whether you’re vegetarian, pescatarian, fruitarian, or a serious meat eater – go have a look!

3) There’s been a lot of attention in the media about gluten-free fad diets recently and finally the low FODMAP approach is making waves –  professors at Monash University and Kings College London are getting their study on in this article, that I wish I’d had a chance to read at the start of being diagnosed with IBS.

4) A big yesss to Tesco banning sweets being placed at the checkouts of each of its stores – it’s not going to change the world but it’s one small step in the right direction.

5) And finally, for anybody else bogged down with exams, having a manic week or in a need of a chill out – a link to Musical Notes. My friend Dott constantly posts great songs, with guest features and snippets about her life in London which will have you grinning (don’t worry she has much better taste in music in music than me).

            … And I just couldn’t have a list without food in it – these lemon ginger hemp bites by Janet over at the Taste Space had me drooling at first sight and would go so perfectly with my regular strawberry-banana-oat smoothie pictured above.

Oh PS. I know publishing my first post in this series on a Wednesday this week isn’t ideal, but graduation deadlines have left this blog pretty bare as of late and what ya gonna do ay 🙂 Fresh-info Friday (the name might get changed if I come up with something wittier) will continue from next Friday, each week!