She cant eat what

Hii, I’m Emma. Welcome to She can’t eat what?! a blog dedicated to easy, healthy, clean food. For anyone who hasn’t got time to make complicated, time-consuming recipes (or the money for a thousand and one fancy ingredients) I hope to share with you just a few nice green and clean recipes in the giant sea of food blogs out there.

How did She cant eat what begin?

I’ve always been a bit of a health nut, but I LOVE FOOD and as a gluten-free, lactose-free, refined sugar-free student on the low-FODMAP diet I find that keeping track of what you can and can’t eat is hard enough, let alone finding the energy to make delicious meals. After going to the doctors at 14 to find out I was wheat intolerant and cutting it out completely, I spent the next few years getting better before many of my symptoms came back again. Finally admitting they were just too much, I went completely gluten-free in the January of last year, before undergoing tests in the summer and being put on the low-FODMAP diet, (which finally seems to be helping)!

Causing a fuss eating out or at other people’s houses still hasn’t got any easier, if only I could count how many times people say in confusion, ‘so she can’t eat what?’ and me embarrassingly having to explain all of the complications that come with food intolerances. But although I miss baked beans more than I thought was possible, being diagnosed with IBS has made me think about where our food actually comes from, and what food and/or diet has become the culturally accepted norm.

What’s your food philosophy?

Life is about a balance – there will always be a very large place for chocolate in my life! – but some of us have become pretty lazy with our food. I think Michael Pollan’ s famous phrase sums it up perfectly:

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants“.

I’m not saying I follow this all the time – when I’ve had a bad day pass me the wine and the Harribo – but it’s time to cut out the processed, chemical filled crap and get back to basics and cooking from scratch! We’ve become a convenience driven world and for some reason are no longer scared about our health and how the food we eat contributes almost 100% to it. We were born to eat wholefoods, raw veggies and fresh fruit – because when we do we feel a thousand times better, healthier and happier.

It’s lovely to meet you!

Emma x


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