Raw Vegan Fudge Brownie Tarts

by Emma

These are completely raw, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, egg free, grain free AND full of antioxidants with a bit of protein snuck in. What more could you want in life. Rich, chocolately brownie tart heaven, made from ingredients that are actually good for you. No processed ingredients and no crap, plus they’re really easy to make and look pretty fancy too.

It would be a complete lie to say these were zero calories and fat-free but made with whole, clean, natural ingredients, I promise they can fix that chocolate craving without ripping your bikini body diet plan to shreds.

*N.b. I know some people can struggle with dates and almonds on the low FODMAP diet but I can manage a small amount – I added walnuts into the base layer mix to balance out the almonds a bit, but just be cautious when trying out this recipe first time if you’re unsure of the amount you can tolerate or whether you can at all.

You can also use cocoa powder instead of the raw cacao to make it a bit cheaper – just note it won’t be completely raw. If you’ve got a bit of cash to splash however and you’re considering buying the stuff, I find cacao really does last a while and is full of health benefits! (I Quit sugar has a great post on the topic).

Raw Vegan Fudge Brownies

Raw Vegan Fudge Brownies

Raw Vegan Fudge Brownies


Bottom layer ingredients:

– 1 cup pitted medjool dates

– 1 cup mixed raw walnuts & almonds

– 1/4 cup raw cacao

– 2 tablespoons melted coconut oil

– pinch of salt

– dash of cinnamon

– dash of vanilla extract

nb. to make a basic base you can simply process together dates and nuts which still tastes amazing, but after debates (and lots of testing) the rest of the ingredients just add something good

Top layer ingredients:

– 2 ripe bananas

– 1/2 cup raw cacao

– 4 tbsp raw almond butter

– 4 tbsp raw maple syrup

2 tsp of peppermint extract and mint leaves to garnish (optional)


To make:

1. Mix together all of the bottom ingredients in a food processor until well blended
2. Spread the mix into the base of some tart cases or anything you fancy, and push down with your fingers to the edges until evenly distributed (line the trays with cling film first to make it to much easier to get the tarts out too!)
3. Mix together the top ingredients in a food processor until well blended
4. Spread the chocolately top mix over the bottom layer base until evenly distributed
5. Place in freezer for at least 30 minutes
6. Serve and enjoy!

Plus you can just re-freeze whatever you don’t eat and have at a later date!