Sweet raisin bread with coconut flour

by Emma

–          High fibre

–          Lower carb

–          Refined sugar free

–          Easy to whip together!

This recipe is one tweaked from the lovely Madeleine Shaw. I read her website daily and find myself falling in love with everything she posts!


3 eggs

50g organic coconut flour

50g organic virgin coconut oil (and a little more to grease the tin)

2 TBSP of maple syrup or honey

1 TBSP of flaxseed

Splash of rice milk, or any other non-dairy alternative you wish to use, I imagine almond would be good too!

Big handful of raisins

Pinch of sea salt

Pinch of cinnamon

Note: please double the recipe if you would like to bake in a regular loaf tin! I had two very cute mini loaf tins I was dying to use and note: if you want to make it savory,  just remove the maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla extract and add 2 TBSP of dried rosemary instead!

Coconut Bread


Set your oven to 180C degrees and grease a bread or baking tin. Crack eggs in a bowl and give them a whisk before melting the oil on a low heat, letting it cool and adding it to the bowl. Mix the coconut flour, salt, cinnamon, flax and raisins together, then slowly add into the eggs and oil mixture. Bake for roughly 20 minutes or 30 if you double the ingredients. Leave too cool before drizzling with a little more maple syrup if you feel like it (go on!) and serving.

Coconut Bread by Shecanteatwhat